[Photo Credit: by Matty Ring]

Former GOP Michigan Attorney General Candidate Charged with Election Tampering

According to court papers, a former Republican candidate for attorney general and another supporter of the former president Donald Trump have now reportedly been charged criminally in Michigan in connection with accessing and interfering with voting machines after the 2020 election.

According to Richard Lynch, the court administrator for Oakland County’s 6th Circuit, Matthew DePerno, a Republican attorney who was supported by Trump in a failed race for Michigan attorney general last year, was arraigned remotely Tuesday afternoon.

Daire Rendon, a former state legislator, was also arraigned on Tuesday, Lynch added.

The people accused in Michigan are the most recent to face legal repercussions for allegedly committing crimes after believing Trump’s falsehood that the 2020 election was rigged.

The accusations are made at the same time that the former president is being looked into for meddling in the Georgian election. Trump also claimed in mid-July that he is the subject of a federal probe into attempts to rig the 2020 presidential election.

According to records made available last year by Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office, five vote tabulators were transported from three counties in Michigan to a hotel room. The tabulators were found to have been broken into and subjected to “tests” by the investigators. DePerno, so they said, was present.

In part because prosecutors sought clarity from the judge on what constituted illegal possession of a voting machine, charges in the case took a while to materialize. Some of the accused claimed that they had been given permission to seize the machines by nearby clerks.

A state judge decided in July that taking a machine without a court order or authorization from the Secretary of State’s office is a crime.

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