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Rep. Gallagher to Resign Early in Major Blow to GOP House Majority

In a statement released on Friday, Rep. Mike Gallagher, a Republican from Wisconsin, confirmed that he will be stepping down from Congress earlier than expected. This decision comes after his announcement last month that he would not seek re-election.

Gallagher’s decision to leave his position before the end of his term in January comes as a setback for Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., and House Republicans.

They have been facing challenges in effectively governing and showcasing stability in this Congress.

According to the speaker’s office, Gallagher notified Johnson of his decision earlier this week.

His decision to step down may pose additional challenges for House Republicans. Rep. Ken Buck, a Republican from Colorado, has announced his resignation from Congress, further reducing the already slim majority held by the GOP to 218-213.

With Gallagher’s departure, the majority would dwindle to 217-213, leaving Republicans with little room for error on any vote if Democrats remain united.

Gallagher’s departure on April 19 also signifies that there won’t be a special election held to fill his vacant seat. According to Wisconsin state law, vacancies that occur after the second Tuesday in April are filled during the general election.

As a result, the replacement for Gallagher will be determined in November, and his seat will remain unoccupied until January.

Gallagher, 40, an Iraq War veteran, currently holds the position of chairman for the select committee that is diligently investigating the Chinese Communist Party.

In addition to this crucial role, he also serves on the esteemed Intelligence Committee. Resigning from a committee chairman position in the middle of a term is a rare occurrence.

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