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New York Court Invalidates Democrat’s Electoral Map

Democrat’s hopes in New York hit a big snag on Wednesday when a New York court invalidated their electoral map which puts their hopes in 2022 in jeopardy The New York Times reports.

The map will not be drawn by a special master who the court will appoint.

The Times goes on to report:

In a sweeping 32-page ruling, a divided New York State Court of Appeals chided Democrats for defying the will of voters who adopted constitutional reforms in 2014 to curb political influence in the redistricting process. The judges additionally found that the congressional districts drawn by Democrats had violated an explicit state ban on partisan gerrymandering.

“Through the 2014 amendments, the people of this state adopted substantial redistricting reforms aimed at ensuring that the starting point for redistricting legislation would be district lines proffered by a bipartisan commission following significant public participation, thereby ensuring each political party and all interested persons a voice in the composition of those lines,” Chief Judge Janet DiFiore wrote for the four-judge majority.

The verdict, which is not subject to appeal, delivered a stinging defeat to Democrats in Albany and in Washington and cast this year’s election cycle into deep uncertainty. To accommodate the drawing of new districts, the Court of Appeals indicated that party primaries for the congressional and State Senate districts would have to be postponed from June until August.

The loss is a win for Republicans as the 2022 midterms loom and the Democrats look to gain solid footing among uncertain economic times.

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