Drone Strike Kills Major Terrorist Target

A US-led drone strike successfully eliminated a major ISIS leader on Tuesday.

According to the Daily Mail:

A top ISIS official was assassinated by the United States Tuesday – when he and his deputy were hit by an American drone strike in northwest Syria.

The strike killed senior ISIS leader Maher al-Agal, US officials said Tuesday morning, taking credit for the attack in the northern village of Khaltan in the Syrian countryside.

Al-Agal – one of the top five leaders in the terrorist group – was riding a motorbike in the village when he was targeted by the American missile, which killed him instantly.

News outlets are reporting that another ISIS leader was hit in the attack, but has survived despite suffering from injuries.

US intelligence officials believe the removal of Maher al-Agal will hamper ISIS ability to plot and carry out attacks.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as more information becomes available.