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Former Tennessee Republican Speaker of the House Glen Casada Indicted by the FBI

Former Republican Tennessee Speaker of the House Glen Casada has been arrested and indicted by the FBI along with former top aide Case Cothren, The Tennessean reports.

The indictments follow a months long corruption investifation.

Casada resigned as Speaker in 2019 amid a testing scandal that included sexually explicit and racist conversations with former chief of staff Cothren. He then did not seek re-election.

The Tennessean reports,

A grand jury officially indicted the pair on Monday, the Department of Justice said, on charges that could carry up to 20 years in prison.

Both men are charged with: 

  • theft from programs receiving federal funds;
  • bribery and kickbacks concerning programs receiving federal funds;
  • honest services wire fraud;
  • conspiracy to commit money laundering
  • using a fictitious name to carry out a fraud;
  • eight counts of money laundering;

The FBI conducted a raid on Casada’s home and legislative offices in 2021.

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