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Republican Senators Share Biden Family Bank Records with DOJ as Hunter Investigation Heats Up

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have shared more than 200 pages of bank records related to Hunter Biden’s and the Biden family’s alleged connections to the Chinese regime with the US attorney leading the criminal investigation, according to a breaking new report from Fox News.

In the course of their inquiry of Hunter Biden’s business operations, Grassley and Johnson received information from a US bank that showed data show transactions between Hunter Biden-linked companies and the Chinese energy giant CEFC, which is believed to have deep links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Some of these transactions were previously disclosed in Grassley and Johnson’s 2020 reports, which they claim demonstrate the Biden family’s significant financial and business connections to foreign governments.

Grassley and Johnson’s letter and submission of bank documents to Weiss, a former President Trump appointee, comes as federal authorities consider charging Hunter Biden with multiple tax and foreign lobbying crimes, false statements, and other offenses.

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